Trained Eye



"Thank you very much for coming out to our home to help us understand what we should do to make it better, safer, well maintained and sound. I especially appreciate the time you took to teach me about how a home works. Once again I appreciate your time, your willingness to teach and your trained eye."

Sam M.

"Our home inspection with Ari was one of the best things we have done for our home. The inspection was a totally comprehensive, individualized, half-day crash-course in home maintenance. Ari is a passionate and knowledgeable educator. He took his time to make sure that we saw and understood the important issues and he provided excellent suggestions on what to do about them. He was professional, patient and friendly and answered all of our questions, little and big, throughout the entire inspection. Our time spent with Ari has allowed us to develop a priority list that will help us to keep our home problem-free for years to come."

Thank you Ari!
Michelle and Eddsel M.

"We closed the deal last night and proceeded with purchasing it based upon your inspection. I wished we had done that when we bought our first house, because I really appreciated all the feedback on the suggested improvements we can make and the performance expectations of the house."

Thanks again.
Perry D.

"Thank you very much for the home inspection on Borebank St. I got an accepted offer on the home and I am thrilled. I appreciate your in-depth explanations while you conducted the inspection. I would be happy to act as a reference for you with other home buyers."

Thanks again.
Erika H.

"Thank you for the recommendations.
I have no reservations recommending people who do their job in a professional and proficient manner. As a matter of fact, I have already given your name to one of my co-workers who is considering purchasing a home in the near future and did not know who to contact for a home inspection."

Denise G.

"I just wanted to say thanks for the help over the phone.

I'm from Ottawa, ON, obviously out of your work area, but I found your article Heating Cold Crawlspace while searching for a solution to my cold office addition floor. I decided after reading the article to give you a call for some extra pointers and you were more than happy to help me out over the phone, knowing full well there would be no financial reward.

I'm looking forward to having a nice warm floor."

Thanks again for being so helpful.
Jean-Marc B.

"In the process of buying a home, we had two inspections with Trained Eye, and each time it was money well spent. Our first pre-offer home inspection uncovered a number of needed repairs and upgrades which proved valuable in keeping us from bidding beyond our budget. On our second pre-purchase inspection, Ari found some structural damage in need of repair, and as a result we were able to negotiate a $7,000 price reduction!

In addition, the inspection itself was extremely instructive. As a first-time homebuyer, I learned a lot about home maintenance, and the comprehensive printed report has helped us to budget and plan for necessary upkeep and repairs over the first few years of home ownership. Most of all, we have peace of mind that we have gone into this purchase with as much information as possible."

Thanks again!
Norlan P.




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