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Inspection Services

Pre-purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections include a thorough visual examination of all the
major home systems. Any immediate, major concerns are identified along with
general maintenance items and tips. Client attendance during the entire
inspection is strongly encouraged. The inspection is quickly followed with
a detailed, 400+ point combination checklist and narrative, computer
generated report with pictures, diagrams, and explanations of issues related
to the house systems. The full Pre-purchase inspection process will greatly
aid clients in making as informed decision as possible about the home
purchase. Please allow approximately 2.5 - 3 hours for the inspection and 1
hour for the report preparation & delivery.

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Pre-Offer Inspections

Pre-Offer inspections are identical to Pre-purchase inspections but are completed before an accepted offer to purchase is received by the client. The benefits of this method is to allow the client to know the condition of the home prior to making an offer to purchase. This can be helpful in a "hot" market when competition for homes is very high.

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Pre-Sale Inspections

Pre-sale inspections can help sellers identify issues that need repairs prior to listing of the home for sale. Benefit of a Pre-sale inspection is to help facilitate a smooth and quick sale.

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Forensic Inspections

No, these inspections are not carried out by the CSI's seen on television, but are quite important in identifying causes of problems for current homeowners. Most problems and issues experienced by homeowners have reasonable and identifiable explanations. These items will be identified and the inspector's recommendations for proper remedial action are included with the report.

Specialists for laboratory analysis and indoor air quality evaluations can be provided at additional cost.

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Pre-Delivery Inspections

Pre-Delivery inspections of new homes help new home buyers identify items incomplete or sub-standard in their homes prior to possession. Post possession inspections and 1 year Warranty inspections are also available to new homeowners.

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Construction & Renovation Consultation

Assistance and consultation services for new homes under construction and renovation planning is available. Trained Eye Home Inspection consultants have an extensive background in construction and renovations. Plan review service is also available.

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