Trained Eye


Inspection Standards

All Trained Eye Home Inspections are done according to the Standards of Practice of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI), the most widely used and accepted Standards for home inspections in North America. These Standards and the CAHPI Code of Ethics can be viewed at

Inspections include the following systems:


Visual inspection of roof(s) and anticipated life expectancy.

Structure & Foundation

Visual inspection of foundation and structure to identify excessive movement, cracking, moisture intrusion or damage.


Inspection of distribution panel for proper wiring and safety issues. Polarity testing of duplex receptacles and functioning of all electrical components.


Inspection of plumbing supply, drains, sump pits, and floor drains in basement. Inspection of all plumbing fixtures for proper operation and functional flow and draining.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Visual inspection of heating system for proper operation and safety concerns. Inspection and operation of central air conditioning system (weather allowing).


Visual inspection of all exterior components of the home including windows, siding, doors, decks, stairs, porches and additions.

Grading & Drainage

Inspection of exterior site for drainage, vegetation and drainage issues.


Visual Inspection of interior floors, walls, ceilings, kitchen components, and attic structure, insulation and ventilation.

Fireplace & Chimney

Visual inspection of exterior of chimney and interior visual inspection of fireplace. Operation of natural gas fireplace with normal controls.




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